Most of the students do not exactly know what they want to study at university, as many of them look at the future of what they want to study. There are many disciplines to study such as Engineering, Translation, and Business Administration, MBA, which is one of the best disciplines ever, especially when you decide to study it at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, which is one of many professional schools at the University of Cal, L.A.

UCLA Address

Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA


UCLA Majors

The MBA program is offered in the UCLA school as (executive, part-time, and full-time), Ph.D. and Financial Engineering degrees. The UCLA School offered these concentrations and departments: technology, manufacturing and technology management, human resources management, logistics/supply chain management, real estate, operations management/production, marketing, general management, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, accounting, leadership, finance, economics, consulting, and international business.

UCLA Application Deadline

April 16


UCLA Tuition

  • Part-time (in-or-out-of-state): $40,236 per year.
  • Full time (out-of-state): $58,458 per year.
  • Full time (in-state): $56,927 per year.
  • Executive (in-or-out-of-state): $77,947 per year.

Approximately, three-fourths of the students of the full-program are employed at graduation.

UCLA Acceptance Rate:



The Anderson School of Management traditional MBA students at the University of California, Los Angeles, complete core business classes through a year, and then self-selected courses for another year.

They also have the option to complete one of 10 concurrent degree programs too, including an MBA/M.D. through the UCLA Geffen School of Medicine and an MBA/J.D. through the UCLA School of Law, or to pursue specializations and tracks through electives.



UCLA Ranking

No. 16 in 2019 in Best Business Schools.


UCLA Study Abroad


The students, who also interested in studying abroad can study at the school partners, Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, or the National University of Singapore, that offer a Global Executive MBA. However, the UCLA school offers Ph.D. and Master of Financial Engineering degrees. It also offers Executive MBA programs, and Fully Employed MBA, which can be earned on evening and weekend by students who want to earn a graduate business degree.



The school also has various specialized centers in Los Angeles, including the UCLA Anderson Forecast, the Richard S Ziman Center for Real Estate, and the Laurence and Lori Fink Center for Finance & Investments.

There’re more than 35,000 graduates in the school alumni network and some famous graduates. Some of these students are the former CEO of the International House of Pancakes, Richard Herzer, a winner on the reality TV series “The Apprentice,” Kelly Perdew, as well as the general manager of the Los Angeles Lakers, Mitch Kupchak.

David Wagner

An expert in the American University Affairs, especially in MBA, and the benefits of it inside the Best Business School in U.S.


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